School of Sciences

Lumami Campus

Kohima Campus


Geology (M.Sc and Ph.D)

Botany (M.Sc and Ph.D)


Chemistry (M.Sc and Ph.D)


Environmental Science


Forest Science


Geography (M.Sc and Ph.D)


Mathematics (M.Sc)


Physics (M.Sc and Ph.D)


Zoology (M.Sc and Ph.D)



School of Social Sciences

Lumami Campus

Kohima Campus

Economics (M.A and Ph.D)

Commerce (M.Com and Ph.D)

Political Science (M.A and Ph.D)

History & Archaeology (M.A and Ph.D)

Sociology (M.A and Ph.D)



School of Humanities & Education

Lumami Campus

Kohima Campus

Mass Communication (PG Diploma)

Education (M.A and Ph.D)


English (M.A and Ph.D)


Hindi (Diploma)


Linguistics (M.A and Ph.D)


Psychology (M.A)


Teacher Education (M.Ed)


Tenyidie (M.A and Ph.D)


Centre for Naga Tribal Language Studies (PG Diploma)


School of Agricultural Sciences & Rural Development (Medziphema Campus)

Agri Chemistry & Soil Science (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Agricultural Economics (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Agri Engineering (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Agri Extension (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Agronomy (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Livestock Production & Management (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Entomology (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Genetics & Plant Breeding (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Rural Development & Planning (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Horticulture (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Plant Pathology (M.Sc(Ag.) and Ph.D)

Soil Conservation (M.Sc (Ag.))


School of Engineering & Technology (Dimapur Campus)

Agri Engineering & Technology (B.Tech)

Biotechnology (B.Tech)

Computer Science & Engineering (B.Tech)

Electronics & Communication Engineering (B.Tech)

Information Technology (B.Tech)


School of Management Studies (Kohima Campus)

Management Studies (MBA)